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Life Coach Sydney - Dr Asheena Budhai-Manuel, PhD MBA CPC ACC
Life Coach Sydney

The SupaSeed story is Asheena's story

This Vision comes to life in SupaSeed

Growing up in a disadvantaged rural community during the fall of Apartheid in South Africa – and the building of a democracy that required grit, resilience, and passion. 

Born out of complexity, she adapted to survive and thrive. Her thirst for knowledge, ability to learn and standing on the shoulders of giants, propelled her to become a 1st generation PhD & MBA. 

Working in a dynamic but fledgling democracy evoked…

• A passion for diversity, equity, integrity and excellence

• A vision to build resilience in complexity

• A desire to unleash unique and true potential

It is synchronous with unleashing your true self and nurturing your full potential.

Everyone is a Seed with Superpowers to transform into their unique and best version of themselves.

Everyone is capable of Learning, Unlearning, Relearning and superseding their old self with their best self.

Tell us your story…

The SupaSeed story is everyone's story of Becoming

To achieve growth, we need to always evolve

We need to do our utmost to persevere

We need to learn to withstand the elements

To get there, we’ll equip you with powerful tools 

To ensure you develop a resilient mindset

To ride out the inevitable highs and lows

To unlearn the old and relearn the new 

It’s all part of our sure-fire plan to 

Empower your path to success, to

Unlock your true potential and start

Nurturing the best version of you

Dr Asheena Budhai-Manuel is the founder and inspiration behind SupaSeed

Life Coach Sydney - Dr Asheena Budhai-Manuel, PhD MBA CPC ACC

...from Farm Girl to Scientist, Poet, Leader and Coach

My journey began on a farm in South Africa during Apartheid and with the power of education, I realized that I could grow and change my circumstances to the life of my dreams.  After completing a BSc, BSc Honours, PhD and post-doctoral research, I joined the National Intelligence Agency as a senior scientist. 

My MBA specialising in Organisational and Leadership Development allowed me to adopt a leadership coaching style – to become a leader that guided and built resilient teams that were efficient, effective, and ethical.  Although I achieved success, I felt that a core value was missing.  Driven by my quest, I sought the support of a coach and found a path to fulfilment – I began my own coaching journey, started SupaSeed, and relocated to Australia.

Now – I am here to partner with you to identify your core values and goals, co-create your unique strategy and nurture your growth.    I understand that growth and change is uncertain, daunting, and hard. Using my Learn, Unlearn & Relearn methodology to champion awareness, we will unlock true potential and consciously embark on an empowered path to pursue your personal, professional, and business goals. 


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