Dr Asheena Budhai-Manuel

Nurturing your
best self

Dr Asheena Budhai-Manuel is the founder of SupaSeed. Providing coaching and consulting services to support the growth of individuals and organisations from all over the world.

A scientist,  leader, consultant, and internationally certified coach who combines science (PhD) and business (MBA) with 15 years of expertise to envision strategies and facilitate implementation that builds effectiveness, efficiency and ethical spaces for the empowerment of the individual and the organisation for a balance of People, Planet and Profit.


Partnering with clients in a
thought-provoking and creative
process that inspires them to
maximize their personal and
professional potential


Partnering with individuals and
organisations to champion
learning, growth and
empowerment in their careers
and workplaces


Blended Coaching is incorporating
consulting in the coaching process.
This is distinctive from coaching
since it permits the expertise, advice
and suggestions of the coach

Strategy Development

Strategy is critical for business growth. All businesses strive to do one thing and that is to succeed.

A strategy defines a business’ future and sets it up for thriving success

Organisational Development

Organisational Development is changing people and business for growth.

When a business wants to transform and restructure, it needs to refocus and re-strategise

Leadership Development

Leadership Development focuses on the growth of the people in your business. 

It usually forms part of your business’ greater organisational development strategy

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The SupaSeed Story

Every day brings new challenges

The good, the great, the not-so-great

It’s just the nature of our existence:

There’s no yang without some yin,

There’s no light without a little shade,

It’s simply part of the landscape of life.

But there’s a secret to surviving and thriving

In our chaotic, ever-changing world –

At SupaSeed, we believe it starts with

Reframing our attitude towards adversity,

Staying grounded during the wildest winds,

And embracing everything that life throws at us.

To achieve growth, we need to always evolve

Because like the fern unfurling after a long winter, 

Or the first sprout peeking through a vege patch,

To achieve growth, we need to always evolve,

We need to do our utmost to persevere,

We need to learn to withstand the elements.

To get there, we’ll equip you with powerful tools

To ensure you develop a resilient mindset,

To ride out the inevitable highs and lows,

To unlearn the old and relearn the new.

It’s all part of our sure-fire plan to empower your path to success, to unlock your true potential and start nurturing the best version of you.

We need to do our utmost to persevere, we need to learn to withstand the elements.

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