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Leadership Coaching allows you to be efficient, effective, and happy doing what you do for a living. 

Unlock Your Self for Empowerment

Leadership Coaching is partnering with individuals and organisations to champion learning, growth and empowerment in their careers and workplaces, whether you are a recruit, business owner, experienced professional or a manager. 

With Leadership Coaching you can confidently take on greater projects or roles, climb the career ladder or even make a career pivot.   

Executive Coaching, is part of Leadership Coaching, and it specifically focuses on those in preparation or already in a management role but want to refine their skillset and mindset for the C-suite and the overall performance of their business.

On average we may spend almost 40 years of our life working, which makes up about a half of our entire lives.  These years can be your best years with the support of coaching.  We will work together to so that you be the best version of yourself as a professional, leader and a whole person. 

In leadership coaching, we first create the space for reflection.  As you express your thoughts, feelings, values, even beliefs and fears, the echo chamber of your mind, is voiced.  The value of reflection in the coaching sessions will translate into self-awareness. 

We will work on all that makes up your professional resume such as communication skills, project management skills, time management skills, relationship management skills, self-management skills, conflict management skills and your leadership style.  We will engage the unlearning process when we refocus on your desired role and chart the path to achieve it. 

During the coaching process, SupaSeed will serve as your accountability partner as you commit to your devised strategies and go forward with implementation. 

We will track your progress, monitor the results, and observe the growth in your working style and the changes that take effect in your workplace and most importantly, in your life.  

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At SupaSeed, one-on-one leadership coaching or group coaching, is geared to co-create according to your needs, the agenda is yours.

Common Topics Include:

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Partnering with clients in a
thought-provoking and creative
process that inspires them to
maximize their personal and
professional potential


Blended Coaching is incorporating
consulting in the coaching process.
This is distinctive from coaching
since it permits the expertise, advice
and suggestions of the coach

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