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Consultants partner with their clients to transform their organisations by equipping them with the requisite tools to build capabilities and skills (McKinsey, 2021)

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Strategy Development

Strategy Development is critical for business growth.  All businesses strive to do one thing and that is to succeed.  A strategy defines a business’ future and sets it up for success in the chosen market against its competitors. 

A business strategy encapsulates the service offerings, the needs of their customers/clients, present and future also the unique selling points that distinctively leverage competitive advantage. Including how to meet those needs, present and future. 

Overall what would allow the business to survive and thrive. 

Organisational Development

Organisational Development is changing people and business for growth. 

When a business wants to transform and restructure, it needs to refocus and re-strategise, and like a ship changing direction, all hands need to be on deck and ready for that change. 

Organisational Development is also a necessary for continuous growth. Organisational Development focuses on the following areas.

Leadership Development

Leadership Development focuses on the growth of the people in your business.  It is usually part of your greater organisational development strategy, focusing on existing executives and managers, as well as new leaders or potential leaders. 

Leadership drives your human potential to success and for a sole trader, you are your human potential. 

The Centre for Creative Leadership found that to drive sustained success, Leadership Development helps:

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My LURE for Growth Methodology


The first step is to Learn about the Organisation by Analysing it's past and present, its competitors, its chosen market, to create a new Strategy


The next part begins by finding the things that did not and are not working when implementing the new Strategy and Redesigned Business Process


This is changing what is not working and adapting to what is; positively shaping a Culture of Learning, Efficiency, Effectiveness and Ethics