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What is the Enneagram?

The Enneagram is a framework of the 9 types of personalities we see in the world.  It’s more than simply a list of behaviors that people display in certain situations.  The Enneagram deals with the level of our deepest motivations, desires, and needs.  It helps you see clearly both your superpower and your Achilles heel, which are two sides of the same coin.  It helps you recognize the self-image that you have created for yourself – the one that brings you pride and protection, but at some point also begins to feel confining and limiting.

The Enneagram is not meant to put a label on or stereotype anyone.  It is for personal insight and growth that shows you the way out of that box – out of the limiting patterns.  It provides a level of understanding that makes all that effort you’re putting into change effective.  The Enneagram teaches you how to counter the unhealthy tendencies of your personality so you can find a different way to fix the problem.

Understanding our own Enneagram type allows us to see and understand patterns of thinking and behaving that are so automatic that we aren’t consciously aware of them. While most of the time, these patterns work well for us there are also ways in which they hinder our effectiveness and personal growth.  Greater self-awareness is an essential first step in transformation and growth, and in our experience the Enneagram is the most powerful and accurate tool for greater self- awareness.  Once we see and accept these patterns, we are able to make more conscious choices about our actions.

Enneagram insights can also shed light on what may be preventing you from living harmoniously, accessing self-understanding and compassion, and being who you truly want to be.

My Experience with the Enneagram

My first exposure to the Enneagram was when I needed coaching in 2016 – a time when I felt stuck in my career.

From then it served and supported my own journey to find success and fulfilment.  After completing my coaching certification and accreditation, I focused on becoming certified as an Enneagram practitioner.

Today, I use it with all my clients and many business teams I engage with as the first step of my LURE methodology i.e.  “Learning” about yourself.       

Over the last year I have created meaningful virtual experiences with rave reviews from my clients who were intrigued by the revelation of their true selves and excited by the possibilities and potential for growth that were uncovered.

Enneagram Offerings

The Enneagram – a universal symbol of human purpose and possibility – is an excellent tool for doing the hardest part of consciousness work: realizing, owning and accepting your strengths and weaknesses

Discover Yourself

Enneagram Coaching is offered as a once-off engagement or as part of a longer term personal, professional, or corporate team coaching engagement.

The Enneagram comes from Greek mythology, meaning 9.  It is a set of 9 Personality Types or Core Type often described as a Map of Human Nature and Map of Self-awareness.

We find all the 9 types in us – 9 lenses in which we see the world, but there is one that stands out as the closest to you – your basic Personality Type or Core Type.

The home-base that drives your motivation.

The journey with the Enneagram is an integrated one where we move through 4 levels:

  1.  Unconscious Incompetence
  2.  Conscious Incompetence
  3.  Conscious Competence
  4.  Unconscious Competence

For the Individual (1-3 Hours)

The Enneagram doesn’t put you in a box. It shows you the box you’re already in and how to get out of it

Discover Your Strengths

These session(s) are one-on-one, where we will assist you to understand the language of the Enneagram and prepare you for the Enneagram Personality Test.  Thereafter, we facilitate reflection, to understand your Enneagram profile, strengths, weaknesses and uncover your growth areas.

You can then choose to work with us as you continue to embark on a healthier and purpose-filled journey to integration.  Understanding your Enneagram Personality Type puts you in the position of power on how to leverage self-knowledge to attain your Purpose in Life.


  • Understanding the Enneagram and Test preparation

  • Feedback from your Enneagram profile report

  • Reflection and insights from the unpacking your Enneagram profile

  • Discover your Areas for Growth

For Couples (4-6 Hours)

These sessions(s) are designed to be a safe space to learn about yourself, your partner, and your relationship.  You will be facilitated through a journey of discovery and genuine connection through the mirror of the Enneagram system.

You will develop a greater understanding of your own personality and your partners with a focus on improving relationship.


  • Create learning to bring you closer together, and build a healthier relationship
  • Reduce miscommunication by being able to listen and understand each other more clearly – mind, body, and heart
  • Honour and supporting each other in the different styles that you may have in co-habiting and co-parenting together.
  • Create a deeper and more genuine bond and learn how to bring out the best in each other

True Love is about Growing as a couple, learning about each other, and never giving up on each other

Discover Each Other

For Teams (4-8 Hours)

We are a NOT a Team because we work together. WE ARE A TEAM because we respect, trust and care for each other

Discover Your Team Strengths

These sessions(s) are designed for teams within your business to help create a deeper understanding of each team member’s personality in the context of the team profile with a focus on the health and effectiveness of teams working together in an organisational setting.


  • An overview Enneagram concepts and how to use it for long-term development
  • Learning about the team styles and values
  • Understand the impacts of personality on relationships, team planning, team objectives, team goals, leadership
  • Create clarity around leader-team dynamics
  • Improve team communication
  • Serve as an effective tool for conflict management and creation of team harmony.

Businesses can opt for:

  • 1 Hour Enneagram information session
  • One-on-one Enneagram coaching for leaders
  • Group Enneagram coaching for teams

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