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Leadership development is designed specifically to a business’ needs with outcomes aligned to the overall strategy.

Empower Your People for Business Longevity

Leadership Development focuses on the growth of the people in your business.  It is usually part of your greater organisational development strategy, focusing on existing executives and managers, as well as new leaders or potential leaders. 

Leadership drives your human potential to success and for a sole trader, you are your human potential. 

The Centre for Creative Leadership found that to drive sustained success, Leadership Development:

Examples of Outcomes:

At SupaSeed, using Dr Asheena’s skills and expertise, we partner with you to create your leadership development strategy.  We uncover your strengths and gaps, your challenges and your opportunities.

We compile a unique leadership development strategy that fosters alignment to your strategy, to improve skills and provides interventions to tackle challenges and fill gaps. Execution of the strategy is up to you. 

Implementation will engage the unlearning  of the old way to the new, and relearning will begin as the desired outcomes align to the desired strategy and your leaders drive the change you want to see.   

You can choose to partner with us in implementation of a programme, workshop or leadership coaching. 

Consulting in Leadership Development Can Improve







It's time for transformation...Are you ready?

Our Consulting Services in Leadership Development is for You if Your Business is:

Consulting in Leadership Development  is organisation-based, and SupaSeed will co-navigate with you in your desired direction.

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Strategy is critical for business growth.   All businesses strive to do one thing and that is to succeed.

A strategy defines a business’s future and sets it up for success.

Organisational Development

Organisational Development is changing people and business for growth.

When a business wants to transform and restructure, it needs to refocus and re-strategise.

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