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The strongest principle of Growth lies in the Human Choice

Unique Seeds grow into Unique Trees

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The farmer on the open fields is instrumental in sowing seeds, pruning, and nurturing them to grow into bountiful crops. 

The coach on the sporting field is invaluable in helping the players grow to sharpen their focus, control, and skills so that they can win games. 

The grounds may be different but we share one battle cry:

"Succeed at the Game of Life"

Coaching Can Be Your



Sounding Board

Safe Space


On this journey you will

Coaching can help unlock your true potential and empower your path to a fulfilled life

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Life Coaching is partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize  their personal and professional potential  (ICF, 2021).

Life coaching, the core of all coaching,  is based on the life’s journey.  Sometimes, we know exactly who we are and where we are going, sometimes we don’t, sometimes we get lost on the way, sometimes something is missing.

Often, we do not know that we are caught up in a pattern of behaviour or a way of thinking that is unhelpful to us, and keeping us locked and in a comfort zone.  We have fears, beliefs, goals, and values that have shaped us to follow a path in life, and some can limit us from reaching our full potential.

This can be overwhelming and stressful, leaving us unhappy and unfulfilled.  Let’s be honest, life’s journey can be lonely.  Life Coaching  can support you in that journey.


Leadership Coaching is partnering with individuals and organisations to champion learning, growth and empowerment in their careers and workplaces, whether you are recruit, business owner, experienced professional or a manager. 

Leadership Coaching allows you to be efficient, effective, and happy doing what you do for a living.  When this happens, you can confidently take on greater projects or roles, climb the career ladder or even make a career pivot.   

Executive Coaching, is part of Leadership Coaching, and it specifically focuses on those in preparation or already in a management role but want to refine their skillset and mindset for the  C-suite and the overall performance of their business.


Blended Coaching is incorporating consulting in the coaching process. This is distinctive from coaching since it permits the expertise, advice, recommendations and suggestions of the coach.

As with all coaching relationships, the choice of which “hat” the coach wears i.e. coaching or blended coaching or even asking the coach to change “hats” is entirely up to the individual. 

Blended coaching can be individual- or organisation-based, and SupaSeed will co-navigate with you in your desired direction

SupaSeed Tree Theme with Unlock your Unique and True Potential
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My LURE for Growth Methodology


The first step is Learning about YOU. The growth journey begins with Self-discovery: Who am I and Who I want to be.


This part of the journey begins by finding the things that do not SERVE YOU and unlearning them by formulating new strategies


Sow the seed of changing and adapting, but remaining cognisant that this is a journey and not a destination.