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Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow.

The important thing is not to stop questioning.

Unlock Your True Potential

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Coaching is a process designed to help those committed to making changes in their lives, and is present, future and action-oriented. 

Coaching is based on you as the expert of your life, supporting your holistic growth from your goal to action, while mentoring or consulting is providing expert guidance in one area of expertise, to guide you from one specific goal to action.

During your FREE Discovery call, we will discuss and clarify your needs.

Should you still be unsure, I could recommend which offering would benefit you the most.

Yes.  This is called Blended Coaching.  You can decide which service is more useful for you at any time of the coaching relationship. 


Coaching is future-focused and action-orientated, that supports your holistic growth, while therapy focuses on your mental health and may require exploration of the past. 

If at any stage, you or I feel that therapy would prove to be a better use of your time, I will refer you to a qualified therapist.


Both client and coach can end a coaching or consulting agreement for any reason provided this is received in writing.  Due to this, payment is only expected for completed sessions.

Refund requests will be processed, if applicable.

All of our conversations are confidential, and I abide by the International Coaching Federation Code of Ethics

However, there are exceptions to confidentiality in cases when there is illegal activity or a danger to self or others is perceived, and disclosure is obligated by law.

Sessions are preferably held online especially for our international  clients.

Most of our clients prefer this as it is convenient for their busy schedules, and contributes to our ability to provide cost-effective rates.  

Should you prefer to meet in person at our offices located in North Sydney, we can arrange accordingly.

Please note that should you like me to visit a venue of your choosing, extra travel fees may apply.

We abide by the principles of relevant data protection laws in each country, and specifically, the European Union General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Your stored data, will be protected in SupaSeed’s Electronic Private Vault and will be destroyed on conclusion of our Services Agreement.

Fees will be discussed during your FREE Discovery Call.

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